Why I Write

I write to forget about ⁣what I’m thinking at the moment⁣I write to remember ⁣all my tendencies to forget ⁣All of my habits are for my telic …Why I Write

Stormy Winter’s Night audio atmosphere

Anyone else use Ambient Mixer while they're working or writing? I've been listening to this atmosphere for the past month whenever I have to sit down and really crunch out the words. It's the perfect background for blocking out noise without distracting me or putting me to sleep. Check it out and let me know …

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Daily 12

Do you ever have snippets of time that feel like enough to get something done but actually you can only make lists of what you need to get done? Then you get back to those lists when you have another snippet of time and organize and reorganize them, adding a few more items since now …

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Blogging For Fun: The Lost Art

AD – This post contains affiliate links Blogging for fun. Remember those days? *stares whimsically out over a field of corn, breeze blowing in my …Blogging For Fun: The Lost Art


So I ran across this link and decided to share. Why don't we use these more? I've heard of the interrobang but never the sarcastrophe. The entire web of this wide world would make so much more sense—and possibly lead to less drama—if the sarcastrophe were used regularly. ^But, no. We like our ambiguity and …

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