Uh, no.

The best city to live in in South Florida is Brickell? Have these people even been to South Florida? No parking. No space. Streets congested with traffic. Overpriced units. Nothing to look at but buildings unless you can afford an even more overpriced unit with a water view.

Daily 55

I've spent most of the day helping an elderly relative get better plans/pricing for their phone/TV/internet needs. In fact, I managed to save them almost $120 by cancelling their "bundle" with one provider, eliminating their cable altogether, and keeping only the basic landline (which they insist they cannot live without). I'm not sharing this to …

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Daily 14

I made it! I have a raging headache but I am here! About to make myself some tea and knock out for the night, of course. I'll be sharing a bit of a rant over In the Heart of the Hustle but, just so you know, today was a long one. Do any of you …

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