Daily 57

I’m sitting in my car, working on paperwork because I just don’t have the energy to get up and go inside yet. The minute I do, I’m going to draw a bath and hopefully not pass out in it. Again. Cheers to the solopreneurs ❤️

Daily 54

Crawling into bed. Saw a huge wreck on the highway tonight. It’s always bad traffic in the city but this was a multi-car nightmare. So many ambulances and cops. Those people will be in my prayers. I know it’s morbid but that could be any of us, at any moment. Let’s not take the time …

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Daily 53

I'm trying to stay up to finish something on my side-hustle (from now on, just SH). I can barely keep my eyes open to type this. I'm going to bed.Oh, yeah. If someone made a move about Spring Break, Miami, 2021, it could easily be called Traffic and the Maskless Horde. Alternatively, Sodom and Corona.Get …

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Daily 51

It's been a long day. I feel like all I do is work sometimes. That's not bad—I love what I do—but it is exhausting. I did, however, manage to workout this morning. I also have lists. More lists. Lots of lists! I'm working on restructuring my days to fill those blocks of time in between …

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Daily 48

My exhaustion is exhausted. I'm not going to list everything that's happened in the past couple of days. I will say that I must really want to succeed at what I'm doing now because otherwise this would have flattened me.No. I lied.Death in the family (not immediate family), serious work-work Challenges that have altered the …

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Daily 46

It's almost 3 am and I'm still working. It's a blessing in disguise. Yes, yes.I've had to redo my primary business site from scratch which forced me to upgrade and integrate and blah blah new systems. It's necessary. It's valuable. It's a long term investment. I just want to sleep. Alas, I have to spend …

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Daily 45

Well. It's 1:34 am and I think I might have gotten my work-work site just barely functional. I've been at it all afternoon and evening. I still have one page to update before I fall asleep tonight. I have to work-work in the morning, too. Then, I get to spend Sunday and Monday in a …

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Daily 40

I am dead on my feet. Well, on my arse because I'm typing this from my bed as I try to stifle the yawns of exhaustion making my eyes water. I have no idea why I'm suddenly so tired but I am. Maybe my anxiety meds need tweaking? I'm feeling a bit more blah than …

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Daily 39

I'm home. I'm exhausted. I was trying to use my foam roller and passed out on the floor for about 10 minutes. I think it's time for bed. I hope you all had wonderful Saturdays! I'll see you tomorrow ... probably just as exhausted but, that's okay. Tomorrow is my Friday. Ha!

Daily 38

Behold! I have accomplished nothing! 😀 Not entirely true. Some personal life situations popped up this week that required more of my attention that I would have expected. So much paperwork. So much time. So much ... communicating with others. I find it all very draining. It must say something about me that I prefer …

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