Daily 79

Not sure how much longer I can do a daily post at this point. My day-to-day responsibilities have gone from overwhelming to borderline impossible. I’m here. I’m trying. But ... also not feeling like I have the time to post what I actually want to. Hmmm.

Daily 77

I’m too wired today. Things are going well but it’s a stressful lots-to-do well and I’m stress eating. I did, however, go for a long walk. So that’s something. Hopefully I get some good sleep tonight. I woke up at 5:30am today. I don’t usually get up until 7:30am. On a good day. And, of …

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Daily 76

I’m not sure what day it is. I had to have three technicians come out today ... and the problem was something completely different than anyone thought. I’ve been rearranging and assembling furniture, tossing things left and right, and generally trying to create twice the space in half the room. This is going to be …

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Daily 75

It has been a looooong day. I left the house at 8:30 am and just got home. Again, I’m typing from the bath. But, I feel good! I believe the economic situation due to the pandemic is improving. I’m being cautious but still. Happy for the work. I don’t normally work-work this many hours in …

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Daily 74

You know those days when you’re feeling great? Everything is going pretty well, you’re feeling optimistic, and even the weather is just the kind you get happy about? And then, out of nowhere, someone just eviscerates you with their words? Not deliberately or maliciously. Just someone speaking their truth which, unfortunately, happens to relate too …

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Daily 73

I’m typing from the bath but I made it! Ha! Work-worked all day. Am ignoring the pangs of an untouched side-hustle. Have to get ready for next week and am trying not to stress eat. Side note: granola should have zero calories even if it doesn’t. I work in the morning tomorrow then super early …

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Daily 70

So life just threw me a curveball. In the face. Everything is changing and I have a week to adjust and plan. Alright. I can do this. Of course I can do this. Work-work, side-hustle, living arrangements doing a 180 with more people and pets, pandemic, bills bills bills, trying to reason with the unreasonable.... …

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Daily 67

It finally happened. I fell asleep before I posted. I’m counting this anyway. Because I can 😬 It’s a good thing I fell asleep early! I was tired and woke up rested. Now I have to get my workout in and then head to work-work. Another long day but that’s okay. Today is my Friday …

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Daily 65

I’m telling myself it’s the strength training. I started lifting weights again and I’m so exhausted at the end of the day. I know it‘s good. I’m just getting used to it again ... after becoming a COVID Couch Potato™️ this past year. Well, maybe not a potato. Maybe more like mashed potatoes. Anyway, I …

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Daily 64

Too tired to turn on my computer. It’s been a long day. Pretty sure I just need a good night’s rest. I have to meditate and just be. Then maybe I’ll sleep the sleep of the ... I can’t even remember the saying now. Goodnight 🌙