Uh, no.

The best city to live in in South Florida is Brickell? Have these people even been to South Florida? No parking. No space. Streets congested with traffic. Overpriced units. Nothing to look at but buildings unless you can afford an even more overpriced unit with a water view.

Daily 54

Crawling into bed. Saw a huge wreck on the highway tonight. It’s always bad traffic in the city but this was a multi-car nightmare. So many ambulances and cops. Those people will be in my prayers. I know it’s morbid but that could be any of us, at any moment. Let’s not take the time …

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Daily 16

I'm baaaack! Ha ha ha! Mwahaha!I don't know why I opened that way. It's just how I'm feeling. Did you know it's already Thursday? Because I had no idea. My brain stopped counting the days somewhere around Tuesday and I didn't notice until this afternoon when I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork.Oh, …

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Front Page 2/1/21

Re-opening Updates: Soul Of Miami has added new information to help you better decide where to go. All live listings will now include which COVID-19 …Front Page 2/1/21

Daily 11

Had a good day. Got nothing done for my side hustle but got in a good day’s work-work. Now, however, I’m sitting here waiting for Customer Support to answer the phone. More than 40 minutes waiting ... But, on the bright side, I have some donuts to munch on. I never eat donuts anymore, but …

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EPIC Hotel – Miami, FL, USA — Isaac Potter

EPIC Hotel – Miami, FL, USAEPIC Hotel – Miami, FL, USA — Isaac Potter

Daily 3

Well, look at me! I made it here before I was borderline passing out! Look around. Do you see this? empty space This is what progress looks like. I managed to work-work and then spent the rest of the day trying to work on my website(s). I have to migrate one of them to my …

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The unending sorrow

Reading the headlines—I can’t even watch the news—is depressing. It has been, for years now. Waves of negativity above the violently churning depths have become tsunamis of pain. A maelstrom of epic proportions. There isn’t enough hyperbole in the English language for this. Happy 4th of July 2020 🎇 Miami Hospital Flooded with Covid-19 Cases

Starting the Journey

So I did it. I finally started my learn-to-DSLR journey. Yay.I'm about 10% through the course which I purchased on Udemy. So far so good. A bit of a shame, though, that it's quarantine time in the blazing heat of a Miami summer no less. Wearing a mask and sunglasses and trying to hide from …

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Saturday in Wynwood

Across from dōmio Saw this beautiful mural on my drive and had to stop to take a picture. Still working on learning my DSLR but my phone works, too. I need to make more time to get out and about this city while I still can. Well, isn’t that the point of this blog? 🌟