Daily 62

I’m having a day off. Mostly. Had to tackle some phone calls for regular life stuff and omg I don’t know how people do that for a living. You’re saints. People are nuts. But, I also bought myself a mini key lime pie. I should say I’m sharing it but that would be a lie. …

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Daily 12

Do you ever have snippets of time that feel like enough to get something done but actually you can only make lists of what you need to get done? Then you get back to those lists when you have another snippet of time and organize and reorganize them, adding a few more items since now …

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Daily 10

I’ve posted a few times today but not my daily blurnal entry so here it is. <ta da> I had an okay day. I had some work-work cancellations for which I was honestly grateful because yesterday was exhausting. I managed to get a lot of errands done. I’m refusing to look at the stack of …

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This is really just to make sure that my settings are working properly. I figured I'd include it because this is, after all, reality. So. Much. Testing. Behind the scenes to make sure something comes up right. Drafting, previewing, publishing, editing. This is it. Celebrate the tiny tedious things with me!