Daily 69

And I don't even have jokes. I'm working on focusing and getting things done but finding that harder to do on my days off. During my work-work week, I have ideas galore! All the things I could/should do, all the things I would do, if I just had the time.Then the time comes and here …

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Daily 68

I’m cheating. Just making a post. But it’s late and I’m tired. Although happy that work-work is going well. Crossing fingers because I’m as pandemic anxious as the rest.

Daily 67

It finally happened. I fell asleep before I posted. I’m counting this anyway. Because I can 😬 It’s a good thing I fell asleep early! I was tired and woke up rested. Now I have to get my workout in and then head to work-work. Another long day but that’s okay. Today is my Friday …

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Daily 66

Arrggh. Is that the sound a zombie makes? That's what I feel like right now. A typing zombie. I almost just fell asleep and didn't post but that would break my streak. Ahem. My day took the most unexpected turn in that everyone I had scheduled to work-work with today cancelled. Like, everyone. Which is …

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Daily 65

I’m telling myself it’s the strength training. I started lifting weights again and I’m so exhausted at the end of the day. I know it‘s good. I’m just getting used to it again ... after becoming a COVID Couch Potato™️ this past year. Well, maybe not a potato. Maybe more like mashed potatoes. Anyway, I …

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Daily 64

Too tired to turn on my computer. It’s been a long day. Pretty sure I just need a good night’s rest. I have to meditate and just be. Then maybe I’ll sleep the sleep of the ... I can’t even remember the saying now. Goodnight 🌙

Daily 62

I’m having a day off. Mostly. Had to tackle some phone calls for regular life stuff and omg I don’t know how people do that for a living. You’re saints. People are nuts. But, I also bought myself a mini key lime pie. I should say I’m sharing it but that would be a lie. …

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Daily 60

I started playing with my theme today. Not sure how I feel about it. The layout is better, I think. But the colors. I can't be doing with the red links. Plus, the mobile version looks very different given the colors. I'm uncomfortable but almost comfortable? I'm also avoiding doing some stuff I should be …

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Daily 57

I’m sitting in my car, working on paperwork because I just don’t have the energy to get up and go inside yet. The minute I do, I’m going to draw a bath and hopefully not pass out in it. Again. Cheers to the solopreneurs ❤️

Daily 54

Crawling into bed. Saw a huge wreck on the highway tonight. It’s always bad traffic in the city but this was a multi-car nightmare. So many ambulances and cops. Those people will be in my prayers. I know it’s morbid but that could be any of us, at any moment. Let’s not take the time …

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