Imitation or Representation – Art Philosophy

Recently I mentioned the connections between art and philosophy — a branch of study referred to as aesthetics. On this point, which deals with beauty…Imitation or Representation – Art Philosophy

Point of Departure

Every journey — even imaginary or creative ones — have both a destination and a starting point. It’s human nature, I think, to focus more on where …Point of Departure ^ So glad I came across this! It’s given me great perspective just when I needed it ⭐️ Because sometimes you need to read/hear someone …

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Saturday in Wynwood

Across from dōmio Saw this beautiful mural on my drive and had to stop to take a picture. Still working on learning my DSLR but my phone works, too. I need to make more time to get out and about this city while I still can. Well, isn’t that the point of this blog? 🌟