In the Heart of the Hustle

I am deep in the heart of the hustle….

This page is for sharing the less glamourous side of the side hustle.
You know:

  • The daily grinding
  • The endless task lists
  • The quest for balance
  • The technical rantings

Stuff like that.

I made a dedicated page for it because I’m still not comfortable with the idea of a singular, massive blog. I know, I know.

Tags, and categories, and niche content! Oh, my!

But still

I already have a blurnal for general griping. This is the page for the little things that kill.

  • Grinding Away My Days …
    and my sanity. I kid. I joke. I hyperbole.Mostly. The truth is, I have taken on a lot. I mean, a lot.Like, way too much for any one person to try to manage alone. But, if I can see that, then why am I plodding along? Ah, yes. I’m also a proud and stubborn woman, unwilling to give up on something I really want. You see, for the first time in my life, I actually want something. Truly, desperately, with all my passion and desire, I want this side-hustle venture of mine to succeed. And, short of my childhood aspirations …

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  • Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out …
    you realize you have no idea what you’re doing. Amirite? It can’t just be me. I thought I had my one website up and running well. Ha. Then, I checked the stats on it. Page loading. Image compression. Javascript. Then, when I thought I had that stuff worked out, I checked my SEO. Ha. WhatintheactualF is up with all that content optimizing? I mean, I get it. I understand you have to put the stuff in the posts/pages in order for search engines to pick up on them but—Heavens to Betsy!—there’s gotta’ be an easier way. I was supposed to …

    Continue reading Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out …

  • My brand spanking new website just crashed.
    Am I joking? No. No, I’m not. I wouldn’t joke about something this serious. I literally spent hours today transferring content from my old site to the new one and crash, bam, boom. It’s gone.I logged into my cpanel and found the errors. Apparently, Cloudflare tried to connect to my origin server but was refused. I checked my host and their servers are up and running. So what did this solopreneuring blogpreneur do? I checked the handy dandy support pages and then manually … purged my cache … page by page. Was that the right thing to do? Probably. Could …

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  • The Grind Goes On and On and On …
    I managed to get some of my most pressing tasks for my side hustle accomplished today. It was my day off from work-work but there’s never a day off for the entrepreneur, right? An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it ~Roy Ash Ahem. She. 😉 Things I learned today: I have a decent working knowledge of self-hosted WordPress at it’s most basic level I have no understanding of Google Analytics and GDPR and legal pages, etc. My understanding is so poor for those things that the …

    Continue reading The Grind Goes On and On and On …

  • How to Display Recent Posts From A Specific Category In WordPress
    Want to display recent posts from a specific category In WordPress? Here are two ways (plugin and code) to display recent posts from specific categories. Source: How to Display Recent Posts From A Specific Category In WordPress
  • Testing
    This is really just to make sure that my settings are working properly. I figured I’d include it because this is, after all, reality. So. Much. Testing. Behind the scenes to make sure something comes up right. Drafting, previewing, publishing, editing. This is it. Celebrate the tiny tedious things with me!

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