Daily 56

I seriously thought I had posted this. Oops. What can I say? It's been a long day. I was almost asleep when I realized I hadn't actually posted a daily blog update. I know, I know. But even if no one else reads this, I promised myself this is what I would do. And, I …

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Daily 41

I'm feeling unlike myself. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself? Maybe I'm just not comfortable over-sharing? Or, maybe my problem with authority is so severe that even I just cannot tell myself what to do. I took the morning to rest. That became the afternoon. I made a tiny bit of progress on …

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Daily 33

This is cheating. I’m totally cheating. But I’m posting to not lose my streak. 😄 I’ll be right back. ~X hours later~ I’m back. Had a family situation that needed handling. Things are alright-ish now. I have to be up early to help another elderly family member tomorrow. I would make jokes but nope. It’s …

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Daily 11

Had a good day. Got nothing done for my side hustle but got in a good day’s work-work. Now, however, I’m sitting here waiting for Customer Support to answer the phone. More than 40 minutes waiting ... But, on the bright side, I have some donuts to munch on. I never eat donuts anymore, but …

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Saturday in Wynwood

Across from dōmio Saw this beautiful mural on my drive and had to stop to take a picture. Still working on learning my DSLR but my phone works, too. I need to make more time to get out and about this city while I still can. Well, isn’t that the point of this blog? 🌟

The contrast

Observing these times as we try to navigate them is leaving me speechless. A Tale of Two Protests