How Medieval

Actually, this is not at all what I think about when I think about Medieval times. Fruit of the loom has taken on another meaning. I can’t stop laughing.

Uh, no.

The best city to live in in South Florida is Brickell? Have these people even been to South Florida? No parking. No space. Streets congested with traffic. Overpriced units. Nothing to look at but buildings unless you can afford an even more overpriced unit with a water view.

Why everyone can benefit from building a personal blog

I remember when I got my first computer. It was the year 2001. All my schoolmates already had computers at home and were already pretty comfortable …Why everyone can benefit from building a personal blog

42 Trippy Ram Dass Quotes on the Nature of Love, Life & Reality

I love Ram Dass quotes because they bring me back to that centered place within me that is the observer watching the movie and  loving all of it.  …42 Trippy Ram Dass Quotes on the Nature of Love, Life & Reality

Imitation or Representation – Art Philosophy

Recently I mentioned the connections between art and philosophy — a branch of study referred to as aesthetics. On this point, which deals with beauty…Imitation or Representation – Art Philosophy

Why I Write

I write to forget about ⁣what I’m thinking at the moment⁣I write to remember ⁣all my tendencies to forget ⁣All of my habits are for my telic …Why I Write

“I’m telling you…

"I'm telling you... down in the depths of the ocean they live!" (1:22) Probably one of the most interesting articles I've read today:Creatures on the seafloor