Daily 69

And I don’t even have jokes.
I’m working on focusing and getting things done but finding that harder to do on my days off. During my work-work week, I have ideas galore! All the things I could/should do, all the things I would do, if I just had the time.
Then the time comes and here I sit. Or lie. Or wander. I believe one calls it maladaptive daydreaming when one wants to sound impressive. But, also, I spend a lot of time stretching and working on my back pain (old accident, long story). So, as I practice self-care, it feels like the ideas—and the motivation to do anything with those ideas—just floats out of me on my every breath. I’m there, just in my head somewhere, too.
I just can’t get me out of my head …
I don’t even know what song I’m poorly parodying. Is this what aging feels like? Because I don’t like it. What do I need to do to win back another ten years?
Uh oh. I feel a crossroads demon stirring. Pity I’ve watched too much Supernatural and would never make such a deal. Not even with a lovable little hateful thing like Crowley.

Also, I feel like it’s time to change up my featured image. Le sigh.

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