Daily 66

Is that the sound a zombie makes? That’s what I feel like right now. A typing zombie. I almost just fell asleep and didn’t post but that would break my streak. Ahem.
My day took the most unexpected turn in that everyone I had scheduled to work-work with today cancelled. Like, everyone. Which is fine. Times of COVID … I get it.
What I don’t get is how I lazed around all day after running some errands I’d put off. Felt accomplished then just vegged out. But, I mean vegged. I didn’t even watch anything. I’m still blaming it on the new workouts. I really am pushing myself so maybe I’m underestimating my rest/recovery needs or my fuel needs. All I wanted was to eat lots and lots of vegetables today. Like, dreaming of Buddha Bowls.
But, also … maybe I just need to get back to enjoying some mental break time. I was all about my true crime and cross stitching last year. Sure, I don’t have time to do that every day now. But, I think I’m going to set aside one evening to just drool in front of a screen, preferably not onto my Aida cloth.
And then I’ll share my projects here. Very slowly progressing projects, mind you.
Still, I think that scheduled break time will actually motivate me to focus on my side-hustle in my spare time. I’ve rather let it fall by the wayside as I’ve had to deal with unexpected work-work and personal life demands. Now, I just feel disconnected. And nothing makes me feel motivated to do what I want to do than feeling like I’m “wasting” time doing scheduled “nothing.”
I could write a memoir about the trauma laden adulthood of a guilty-heavy Catholic upbringing. (Note: not all Catholics are like that. My personal experience, however, was very Hellfire & Brimstone™ and apologize for existing.)

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