Daily 63

Nope. Still can’t focus. I don’t know what it says about me but, if I have a day off, I just want to do nothing. Literally nothing. I’m at my most productive when I’m racing against the clock because obligations. Maybe I just need to give myself a day off per week. Like, actually off.

Do you hear me laughing?

That’s not easy for someone who’s running their own business. Businesses. Plus, all the other life demands.
I hate to say it but I think I have to go back to having one day per week off of work-work. Just, maybe, working less hours. Because it’s the structure I need.
Two whole days “off” in a row where I can funnel my energy into personal life stuff and side-hustle? Yeah, that just becomes time where I lie around, wanting to rest but mentally chastising myself for wasting time.
However, having one day off to actually rest, then splitting up the rest of my week into blocks of productivity? That was working for me. Self-care, life stuff, side-hustle, work-work. Rinse. Repeat.
I should be grateful! I have an actionable plan! I have the flexibility in my schedule to work-work (mostly) when I want to. Here I was thinking I wanted consistency … and I do. Unfortunately, my version of consistency doesn’t involve the same schedule every day. Rather, it’s arranging every day in a way that I can earn enough at Thing 1 while still making time for Thing 2, all while not neglecting the basic necessities of living and relationships.
Do you read how easy that sounds?

Again, the sound you’re hearing is my hollow laughter.

No, I don’t care that I technically missed the deadline for my daily post. This is the end of my day so … neener, neener, you’re a weiner.

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