Daily 61

I’m trying to work on my productivity. I spend as much time away from my desk as I do at it, often on the road and unable to get to my computer. I also don’t want to lug around a laptop, especially not one with sensitive information on it. So, I figured a tablet was the way to go. And it is. Except for the learning curve.
Plus, the city has lost it’s mind. Miami is more than just SoBe. We live here. We work here. We try to sleep here. And this month is usually a wild one anyway. But things are out of control. I can’t head out to the beach unless I’m way north of the madness. Even the parks are crowded. I’m also not trying to stop in the middle of my work day to grab a bite somewhere in the midst of the Maskless Horde.
What’s an entrepreneurial gal to do?
I’ll figure something out. I always do. At least I know I have most of my equipment set up for basic functionality. If I had known I’d be spending this much time traveling when I got into this business, I would have most of this stuff already. I have one more major purchase to make for my plan to work … and then a couple of major personal purchases to make in order to make this plan go from functional to reasonable.
I don’t know why the thought of dropping large sums of cash for necessary things fills me with anxiety but wasting $10 here or there on crap incites no more than a shoulder-shrugging meh in my psyche. Reversi!
(I just had to Google that because it somehow managed to create a file for itself in my memory bank but I had literally no context for it when I wrote it. Hmm.)
Anyway, I’ll let you know if I braved the expenses and buckled down for the ride of my work-work/side-hustle life.

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