Daily 59

I can’t seem to focus today. I’ve been trying to spend less time planning and more time doing but I think my psyche is panicking silently about it. I just want naps now. I guess I need to find a balance between the plan and the action.
Truth be told, most of the actions I’ve taken have required revising. Because life, amirite? You have to act but then you realize that, while you took a great first step, it was just a baby step. Now, you need to learn to walk … then run, etc.
I’m in the process of teaching my side-hustle to walk even as I try to goad my work-work to jog. I’d say run but, no. We’re not there yet. But we could pick up the pace a bit, you know? Partly the issue is I fell behind, mostly due to an unexpected work-work situation and a whole lot of personal life/family issues that just timed themselves for February-March 2021.
I don’t care if it’s unorthodox—I am looking forward to this Spring Equinox like a rebirthing. Fresh life, fresh growth. A nature based New Year. That’s exactly what I’m focusing on now. ❤

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