Daily 50

The fun never ends when you’re working for yourself! 😀
It’s been a busy day. I made so many calls—not actually something I do every day—regarding laws, codes, licensing, fees, etc. And I still don’t have any answers.
Plus, I had to set time aside for a couple of personal situations that couldn’t wait.
By the time I could get back to work-work … it was too late to finish what I started, and also too late to actually get to the meat and bones of my business. Ahem, the income generating part.
So, okay. I know what to do!

I shall side-hustle!

And I just spent a couple of hours trying to find a specific thing I need for the project I’m working on and couldn’t. And I looked at so many sites that I’m actually feeling a bit disappointed. Not in myself but … let’s say at the lack of diversity in options. So, I had to settle for an *eh* replacement.

But at least that’s done for now. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get what you want because it isn’t available. Yet.

Hope springs eternal in this human’s breast.


My apologies to Pope for my shamelessness.

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