Daily 49

I had some terrible news yesterday that kept me up all night. However … today?

(with a little help)

Yes, I am proud of myself. I managed to control my anxiety (eventually) and did what I had to do. Researched. Contacted people. Researched some more. Came up with a game plan. Had a secret weapon in my pocket.
And, by the end of a very long day, I had succeeded in resolving the issue and got what I needed. I would say wanted—because I did—but I wouldn’t have moved so quickly on this if it hadn’t been an absolute necessity.

Now, I’m enjoying over-eating chips and salsa, pretending I won’t have heartburn later, and finishing up some work-work/side-hustle stuff. Then I am going to sleep the sleep of the grateful and optimistic until tomorrow … when I have to hop back on my daily grind.
But with greater confidence! 😉

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