Daily 47

I know this is on me … mostly. No one is making me work myself the way I’m working. It’s a choice I made with my eyes wide open.
However, after investing so much time and energy into everything this week and not getting enough sleep (my choice) …
And spending the day in a mandatory webinar (partially my choice bc career requirements) …
I now have to deal with

my neighbors?!

The noise!
I—literally—have earplugs in, am wearing over the ear noise cancelling headphones, and listening to ambient white noise as loud as I can manage.

I can still hear them.
Their music.
Their egotism.

Also, I can feel the bass as it reverberates through my walls and shakes the glass of my windows. And, for the record, their house is not attached to mine. They are a couple of plots away from me.

Tell me I’m being an unreasonable Karen. I dare you.
Because I’m just venting on my blog about it.
I’m not naming them or recording them or calling the cops. Even if I did, they never do anything when my sick, elderly neighbors call to complain anyway.

Perhaps this is my calling. Perhaps I need to drop everything else and build a sound gun.

Yes, you read that right. A sound gun.
Technically a speaker but one that functions like a sniper’s rifle with sound. Wireless, small, discreet. Then, I could set it up outside … say, under the eaves? And aim it at this one particular house. At 6 am

—specifically 6 am because that is when the noise ordinance is no longer in effect and, apparently, the decibel limits outside of those hours are a joke to the authorities—

and blast, as loudly as possible, the entirety of Handel’s Messiah.


All day. It’d be Hallelujah, ALLMOTHERLOVINGDAY.

And, you see? No one else would be bothered. Because targeted sound waves.

Now, I know what you smartypants are thinking.

Directional loudspeakers already exist.

Yesss. I’m sure, with some modifications on design….

Also, if anyone empathizes with my emotional state rate now, it’s Claire because … “OMG, the noise!”


Ah, yes. Claire Devlin.
If you haven’t watched Derry Girls, we can’t be friends. If you watched it and didn’t laugh hysterically and rewatch it, we still can’t be friends. This is from Season 1, Episode 5 and it’s on Netflix so go. Go watch it.

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