Daily 42

I made some progress today. About 3/4 of the way done with the project that should have been done last week. Had a problem with my insurance company not covering my meds because they claim my invoice was past due … even though I paid it on the due date. It appears, that due date is a lie. My “due date” on the invoice is, in truth, two days after the actual due date because that’s how long it takes them to process a payment. Suddenly. Now in 2021. Not last year, no, no. I was told nothing of this change.
Regardless, I decided to stop panicking and get a massage. And then, rather than forcing myself to be productive, I had Panera Bread. Which I usually love. Except their flatbread “pizza” has no sauce? Or did the one I went to just make a mistake? Because I got cheesy flatbread—a.k.a. a box of lies.
Then, I decided to work some more. Couldn’t focus—and, yes, I will blame this on my absence of meds—and decided to watch my favorite YouTube channel. Hope you like cannibalism because I’m sharing it below! ¡Hasta mañana!

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