Daily 38

Behold! I have accomplished nothing! 😀
Not entirely true. Some personal life situations popped up this week that required more of my attention that I would have expected. So much paperwork. So much time. So much … communicating with others.
I find it all very draining. It must say something about me that I prefer the indirect communications of the artist—someone putting their ideas into their work and then setting it loose upon the world—than the direct communications of daily life and people. What it says … I’m not sure I want to know.
Regardless, there was no miraculous save to meet my self-set deadlines this week. I may have to reconsider my goals and come up with a more realistic timeline for their implementation. Just writing that hurts. Still, it’s better to face the truth now than be elbow deep into my side-hustle a year from now and fall flat on my face.
I’m going to take the rest of the evening for addressing all the rest of this life stuff, and some much needed self-care and reflection. Maybe one day this blog will have a ton of followers. Maybe not. But, for now, I’ll be glad that this trip and stumble is only being witnessed by a handful of people.

Always looking for the silver lining.

2 thoughts on “Daily 38

  1. kvetchkvetchkvetch22

    I *do* like that you try so hard. Juggling isn’t easy. Sometimes we drop a ball or two but keep at it, it’ll be worth it. Wow, don’t I sound like a fortune cookie. But it’s true. 🤞🥂

    Sense from Andrew


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