Daily 37

I needed a break today. Had to catch up on life stuff. You know, the boring old errands and chores. The planning for the week—unrelated to work-work and side-hustle. I believe that’s how I fell so off track. I’m caught in a Venn Diagram of my own making and, if I don’t pay equal attention to each area, those circles start to spin around me and become a vortex of doom.
I hyperbole.
A vortex of futility and inefficiency.
I may be caught up with the most pressing things by tomorrow. However, having had to work-work today, I didn’t get a chance to resolve my IT issues for my side-hustle. Note to side-hustlers: if you work off hours, expect to have to plan around your regular work day to solve anything that requires the help of others who only work regular hours.
Lesson learned.
I’m going to make every effort to get up early and hit the side-hustle before work-work. And, as it’s an early start/early finish kind of day, I’ll have to squeeze in my workout in the evening. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I’m so close to wrapping up one of these projects, I can almost smell it. Almost.
I’m not going to worry about Project 2, parts A and B, until Sunday night. When I expected to have them done. And, most likely, won’t.

You see, an expert procrastinator can procrastinate even their panic over their procrastination.

It’s not the end of the world; my timeline is my own for now. There won’t be other people tut-tut-ing me for my delay. But, if you can’t depend on yourself, how can you expect others to?
Yes, I know. Delays happen. It’ll be fine. But, I like knowing that I expect more of myself. Better. Do you?

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