Daily 36

Everything has crashed! 😀 I had to transfer a domain. It knocked down my other sites on and off all day. My mail server is down ,,, but only for one domain on my account. My SSL certificate can’t be verified on my phone … but only for one domain on my account. And, surprise! No, it isn’t the same domain whose mail server is down. 😀

Why make things easy when we can make them interesting?!

I had to work-work all day, and had to let my websites and emails just hang on. Now, it’s after 1 am and I have tried every troubleshooting thing I know but—nope. I did say I wasn’t techie. Now, I have to spend tomorrow trying to get support. Only to feel really foolish when the fix is something simple and obvious. 😀

I made some progress on my side-hustle this morning before work-work … and managed to get in a full 45 minute workout. I was so happy! So excited! So prepared!
Or so I thought.

Do you hear the laughter of the universe, too?

I’m taking a deep breath and going to sleep, confident that I will get things sorted in the morning—or soon enough. As a side note, aside from the sarcasm dripping from your screen, I’ve either gotten really good at handling my stress levels or I’ve become a sociopath. I can see the turmoil around me. The maelstrom of impending doom, if you will. And, yet … I’m surprisingly calm. Is this—am I—the calm before the storm?

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