What in the Robo?

Specifically, what in the robocalls? I’ve had five in the past twenty minutes. Four of them began with the same six digits. There has to be a way to stop this. Someone, out there in the interwebs, design an app that blocks every call from someone not already listed in your contacts!
I mean, sure. It might be a hassle to add everyone—from your doctor’s office to your kids’ schools—but I’ll take it. I’d rather have to add contacts I want to hear from than be annoyed every few minutes.
And, when I say block … I mean, I don’t want the calls to register even a blip on my phone. Not even within the blocking app. Let there be some transcript you can access of missed calls if you want to, but no notifications or alerts. No list to sort through and delete. Send them into the void, where they belong, and never look back.
Better yet, identify whatever government agency is responsible for regulating these dirtbags and send them the alerts. Like, an email reporting each and every robocall. It’s not spam; it’s doing your civic duty to help clamp down on unregulated abuse.


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