Daily 35

Well, I did work out. Just not in the morning … because I overslept. Then I had to do work-work stuff and then I worked out. And somehow managed to throw out my hip. I am not that old. What is happening? What even is life?
I just want to be healthy.
So, I suppose I’ll have to see how I wake up tomorrow.
I’m also very behind on my side-hustle schedule this week. And, I managed to mess up my work-work calendar by confusing this week with next week. This is what happens when you take on too much.
I just need to refocus and reorganize a little. And force myself to work in those little blocks of time that are productivity voids right now. You’ll see. I’ll report back with some miraculous story about managing to meet all my deadlines. Perhaps not with grace and aplomb. Certainly not with elegance. But, if it gets done, then it’s done.

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