Daily 34

If it isn’t me again, late to the party as usual. The good news is I was able to semi-work myself out of my earlier slump and get to side-hustling. The bad news is I’ve been snacking all damn evening as if calories are light and my body is a black hole.
I probably should be asleep by now, seeing as I only slept about 3 hours last night. Actually, yeah. That sounds like a great idea. At least I can’t stuff my face while I’m sleeping and, if I stuff my face in my dreams, that’s perfectly okay.
And, yes. I am definitely starting my workout regimen again tomorrow morning. I swear. I mean it! Not for aesthetics as much as I just hate the way my body feels when I’m not moving. If there is anything near a fountain of youth at this point, it’s exercise. And, for the love of all things green and good, I definitely need a bit more youthful energy these days. ❤

How about you?
How are you doing?
Really …

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