It’s Friday!

And I’m work-working 😄 Which is great because I’m feeling better. Maybe I just needed sleep?

Weekends tend to be my busiest work days, oddly enough. I need to meet with folks when they’re available—and weekends and after work are it. That means I need to refocus my side-hustle energies into Mondays and Tuesdays … and mornings.

Lord, but I love to just lie in bed in the mornings! I don’t want to let go of the cozy, sleepy goodness. Makes me wish I was one of the three good faeries. Wave my wand and breakfast would make it self. Chores would do themselves. A bit of glamour would make me not look like a corpse when I rise…

Ughh why am I not magical? 🧙🏼‍♀️

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