Daily 31

Had a great day! Helped someone who really needed it and that makes me feel wonderful. It’s why I do what I do. Plus, all around, can’t complain about my earnings … and that is a blessing after such an insane previous year.
I have to be up early tomorrow and—Saints Alive!—I may get to bed before midnight for the second day in a row. I’m feeling good. This is usually the part where my cherophobia kicks in but, nope. Be gone, foul demon! You are herewith banished! (Forever.)
The next two days are my busiest days but I’m making an effort to post throughout the day. I come across a lot of stuff that’s interesting to me. You may have noticed my asides or reblogs. I’m afraid it’s a mixed bag. Perhaps I’m a mixed bag, too?

Enjoy Feeling Good with me!

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