Daily 30

Anyone else exhausted? Not just by your regular life stuff, but also by this COVID madness and weather madness and … it’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Like, for real now.

Let me make jokes.
Bad jokes are my coping mechanism.

I was driving through the city today and the maskless people made me want to scream. In their faces—from a distance of 6 feet.
I am trying to be positive these days, mkay?
I meditate. I journal. I pour bits of my inner self out on virtual paper every night. But, the audacity of deciding you’ve had enough and are going to “return to normal” before it’s safe for the rest of us?
Oh, if I wasn’t a karma respecting woman ….

Anything else?

Oh, yeah. I managed to work-work some today and also tied up some side-hustle loose ends. Still in a bit of pain. Still feeling generally yuck (no fever or cough or anything ‘rona-ish).
I’m refusing to look at my to-do list until tomorrow. By then, it will be a didn’t-do list but, you know what? I’m going to bed before midnight for the first time in … I don’t even know when. And I’m choosing to be happy about that. 🙂

The movie reference you didn’t need:

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