Daily 29

Heaven help me, this one will be short. I’ve had such trouble focusing today. Partly the shoulder pain which, quite frankly, should be illegal. Also, however … I’m feeling a bit sick? Down? I don’t know what. Mild headache and stuffiness.
Yes, I did panic. Anything but the ‘rona! But, no. No fever or anything. Maybe it’s just from being stuck inside all day. I’m one of those classic literature ladies who gets prescribed lots of fresh air by the seaside.
Which, to be fair, is my usual routine. I’m always out and about, constantly on the go, up and down the coastline of this beautiful city. Everyone loves Miami for different reasons but, for me, there’s nothing more amazing than watching the sun rise over the water. And, yet, I don’t live on the water. YET.
You just wait and see.
In the meantime, I’m going to go soak in the bath and pop some ibuprofen and … I dunno’, pray for this pain in my shoulder to be better tomorrow. I have to work-work. I did manage to get some things done today but honestly was just having a lethargic, pain ridden day.
I’m allowed to suffer for one day, damn it. I really am. (So are you.)

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