Daily 28

See what I mean about time? I tried so hard to get here earlier but, nope. Wasn’t gonna happen. But, I’m here now! And I’ve had a great … no. I’m not gonna lie to you. Not now. I had a relatively okay day in that I spent it all working on my side-hustle. Progress has been made! Unfortunately, I also did heaven-knows-what to my back and I’ve been lying in bed for the past few hours while I try to finish what I started today. Yesterday? Um …
On the bright side, I have a lap desk so, despite the throbbing back pain, I’ve been able to catch up on stuff. On the dim side, my shoulder now also hurts from balancing my laptop on pillows on my abs as I sink deeper and deeper into the mattressy goodness.
If this pain doesn’t subside by tomorrow morning—let me believe in miracles!—I may actually have to take a day off work-work. Is this a sign? Am I not taking enough care of myself?
Possibly. Also, possibly, I fell asleep like a tranquilized tigress last night; as if someone had knocked me out and tossed me into the dilapidated back of an ancient off-road vehicle where I stayed, sprawled out all over who-knows-what, for hours.
Seriously, I woke up in a position I didn’t even know I could get into. Legs hanging off the bed. Pillows propped up like I’m elderly and suffering from heartburn. My sheets wrapped around me as if I were playing a mummy in a bad children’s show.
I remember nothing. Dreams? Nightmares? Nada.
Hopefully, tonight, I manage to rest well and can charge ahead into a work-work week full of peace and love. Or, neutrality and tolerance, at the very least.

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