Daily 26

Once again, I’ve made it here before midnight. I’m the Queen of …
nothing! But, still self-motivated enough to do what I said I would do so

Yay, me!

I had a good work-work day.
Then I had family situations crop up that have required me to muster up all the composure and diplomacy I’m capable of mustering up just to quell the storm. It’s—I actually can’t talk about things but, man. If I could? This would be a tear-stained blog you’d be reading.
And no one wants to read that.
I don’t even want to write that.
But, I can write that I somehow managed to keep things stable for now. There is a storm on the horizon and I’m not sure how it’ll work out for everyone involved. What I do know is that I have done my level best, and can only keep plugging away at this life until it’s over from now on.
I really hope things turn out alright for everyone else in the end … and I am determined to make sure they turn out alright for myself and those I’m immediately concerned about. Which brings me to …
The endless list of things I have to accomplish tomorrow! So many balls I’m juggling right now. While I’m balancing on a ball. A ball that’s spinning on another ball.
It’s funny because the list itself isn’t intimidating. It’s so small. So cute. So organized and color-coded. But, I know myself. My adorbs list doesn’t account for the time it’s going to take to get everything done. My understanding of time somehow remained underdeveloped; like a six year old who genuinely believes they can just walk to touch the moon before bedtime.

Poignant – the word you’re looking for.

So, we’ll see what I manage to get done tomorrow. I’ll be here again tomorrow night, holding myself accountable for another day. You just wait and see.

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