Daily 24

I just realized I should have called these nightly posts. Oh, well.
This is one of those weeks that makes me want to scream about the state of things. Trust me, I get it. I’m very lucky. I haven’t gotten sick. I still have work. My loved ones are okay.
There are people out there struggling and suffering right now while I’m pissing and moaning on the internet. I am #blessed in many ways.
But my work-work situation is fluctuating right now because of this Pandemmy 2020—which has overstayed a welcome it never received. My side-hustle situation is experiencing some ridiculous challenges at the moment which I don’t have words for. Just, out of the blue, how did that happen? What went wrong?
I’ve spent the day troubleshooting and planning just to have it all blow up in my face.
So …
We start again tomorrow.
But, heaven help me, I need to exercise tomorrow. My body feels like Ughhh incarnate at this point. I need sleep (hahaha) and vegetables, I think. I also have a whole day of work-work which I won’t gripe about because it’s what’s paying the bills while I ride this spinning blue ball across the universe, chasing my side-hustle-to-vocation dream.
I genuinely and sincerely hope you’re all doing well right now. Whatever’s got you getting up in the morning, keep doing it! And, if you don’t have a something, pick something. Anything. Life isn’t going to just hand any of us a purpose or a calling. If you don’t have a thing yet, pick a thing—anything within your reach. Try the thing. If it doesn’t work, pick another thing until you find a reason to haul your ass out of bed. You may even have to invent a thing that no one’s ever done before. Who cares?
But, I promise you … dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to do something you want to do makes doing all the crap you have to do much more tolerable.

<Look at me. I’m a fount of motivation this evening.>

A Motivational Midnight Poem

Life is the meat grinder
You're the meat
Your dreams are the burgers
Get grinding


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