Daily 22

I am back! I spent the whole day working on my side-hustle because work-work was unexpectedly slow and out of my hands today. The good news is that I caught up on my latest project. The bad news is that I still have so. Much. To. Do!
Does that happen to anyone else? It’s like … being excited about making a main course.
You put all that mental energy into the main dish then remember all the other accompanying dishes you have to make. And all the prep work. And all the clean up. And ahhhhhhh!

Anyway, I did the big thing. Now I have to make it all purdy. And then take care of all the side dishes. But, I think I have a plan laid out for that, at least. One that will get me through this whole year. Once that’s all up and running, then I have to figure this out. This right here. This blog …

I’m kind of winging this venture. Or, pantsing it, as the writer kids say. I have this vague idea of what I want my blog to be. Personal. My life, my interests, my hobbies. But, I’m not sure if it’s something others will be interested in. And, does that matter?

If a blogger blogs but there’s no one around to read it, does it still make a blog?

~MagiiSun, 2021

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