Daily 21

Ha! I made it! Just barely.
The day escaped me.
I’m not feeling well. I’m not sick; I just feel so tired. No, I don’t think it’s the ‘rona—no fever or anything, just a bit stuffy and headachy. Plus, my shoulders/arms are hurting from all this extra computer time.
I spent the day resting. A whole day, actually just resting. And I refuse to feel bad about it.
Sometimes we just need to lie around and do nothing.
I did some reading and chores and ahhh.
Now, I can approach tomorrow all fired up again.
See? I’m capable of self-care.
After I’ve run myself ragged … I know, I know.
But, I think I’m finally understanding my limits so I’m choosing to believe that it’s all been worth it. Now to, you know, apply what I’ve learned.
That’s another project, for another day. 😉

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