Daily 19

I honestly thought I’d already posted today. Glad I checked! I almost broke my streak and it’s been 19 days 😀 That’s almost three whole weeks. That’s longer than I stuck with my last attempt at a fitness regime … but I’m getting back on that tomorrow.
Seriously. I just had to work-work early today. I mean, I woke up on time but my Sunday is your Friday and I was just so tired already.
I had my coffee and croissants. Got ready for work. Made lists for everything I had to do today and got started on that list so I was ahead before I headed out for the day.
It’s almost 11pm here, and I am going to be up at 7am tomorrow—at the latest—and back in workout mode. My clothes still fit; it isn’t purely an aesthetic thing. But, I used to be stronger and in better shape. Now, I’m tired just bringing in the groceries. This past year of pandemic isolation made it too easy for me to just sit around. Which, as a fervent mask wearer, I agree is better than getting sick or getting others sick.
But, I want to feel strong again! Plus, I sleep better when I’m exercising regularly. And, I also believe I’m at my creative best. Something about my body being in great working condition makes my psyche put its best foot forward.
Oh … as for accountability … I did semi-meditate today.
But, honestly, I got my order backwards. It’s wake up, workout, shower/dress, then meditate. If I try to wake up and meditate, I just fall back asleep. Clearly, I’m no Ram Dass.
But, that’s okay. I’ll just be a better me every day!
Oh, yeah. I only half-tuned in for the second half of the Super Bowl. I was working late and missed the first half. But the second half … that was mostly due to my hell-spawn neighbors blasting their muzak and screeching along on an outdoors karaoke setup to latin ballads like they were the half-time show.
But, shh! Do you hear that?

Me, neither! They’re quiet at last, thanks be!

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