Daily 17

I feel like I either don’t have enough time because time itself has somehow altered. OR … I’ve just taken on way too much to get done in the span of a day. I may have to spread out my goals over a longer period of time.
You know. Like, how if you want to lose weight you can’t think of losing 20 lbs all at once? You have to focus on one pound at a time. One day at a time. One week at a time …
I need to do that for my work-work and side-hustle.
I also actually need to drop the pandemmy twenty I put on. Okay, it’s not twenty. But it’s at least ten. And the last time I exercised may have been last week.
Alright. I need to get back into my routine.
Wake up
Breakfast and review the plans for my day …
If I skip the meditating and exercising parts, for some reason, my plans just splatter all over the day like a poor imitation of a Jackson Pollock.
Goodnight, Good Webbers!
We’ll see if this public accountability post is enough to actually keep me accountable tomorrow morning.

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