Daily 16

I’m baaaack! Ha ha ha! Mwahaha!
I don’t know why I opened that way. It’s just how I’m feeling.
Did you know it’s already Thursday? Because I had no idea. My brain stopped counting the days somewhere around Tuesday and I didn’t notice until this afternoon when I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork.
Oh, well.

I’m completely off track with exercise. But, I did get a full seven hours of sleep last night so I don’t feel like the walking dead today. The day itself, however, was full of twists and turns. Everything I thought was going to happen didn’t. Things I didn’t think would happen did. I’m trying to roll with the punches at this point.

I can see a light at the end of the setting-things-up tunnel. I may be able to get to actual content planning for this blog sometime before the month is over. May. That’s the operative word. It all depends on how well I’ve actually managed to balance everything else in my life out.

There’s so many factors I can’t control in my RL. This little blurnal is something I can turn to and look forward to writing every day. I have hobbies I want to share. Lists of shows and books to review. More playlists to add. And, at some point, I will pick up a camera again and try to take some good shots of this city. Not the glamourous stuff everyone thinks is Miami. The real places real people visit.

But, you know … work-work, side-hustle, pandemic, money?

Someone should turn that into a Gen Z-ish jingle.
“One two, one two-and, one two-and, one-and …”
That’s the rhythm in my head.
Add a little dance. Go viral on Tik-Tok. And, why not? Isn’t that how we’re all living these days?

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