Daily 15

Oh, yeah.
It’s just past 10 o’clock and here I sit, typing away.
Had a decent day for the most part. The only downer was dealing with someone from work-work who made the portion of the day I spent with them an exercise in patience, compassion, and olfactory fortitude.
I also had a distressing-to-me dream about someone I haven’t spoken with in years. Literal years. But, there he was. Being 25 shades of dream weird. (It definitely wasn’t 50 shades.)

This little blurnaling time is actually very helpful for me. I don’t know if anyone is reading this and … that’s okay. I think it was John’s therapist (in Sherlock) who told him that writing a blog about everything that happens to him would help him. He’d replied that nothing ever happens to him.

And that’s how I used to feel. What am I going to share here that anyone else would care to read? These daily posts are just my rants, rambles, ideas, and recaps. They’re not the cool 200-takes-to-get-the-perfect-shot viral worthy content of the day. Or hour. Or minute.

But, they are pieces of me. My process of living, tapped out on a virtual page, as I work my way from my *ahem* humble beginnings to where I see myself being.

Ahh! The art. The nature. The connection …

So, for now, I’ll keep posting regularly; my written sigh of relief at the end of each day. And, who knows? Maybe my life is more interesting than I think it is. John’s was, wasn’t it?

Of course, John was friends with Sherlock so his blog was BBC series worthy …

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