Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out …

you realize you have no idea what you’re doing.

Amirite? It can’t just be me.

I thought I had my one website up and running well. Ha.

Then, I checked the stats on it. Page loading. Image compression. Javascript.

Then, when I thought I had that stuff worked out, I checked my SEO. Ha.

WhatintheactualF is up with all that content optimizing? I mean, I get it. I understand you have to put the stuff in the posts/pages in order for search engines to pick up on them but—Heavens to Betsy!—there’s gotta’ be an easier way.

I was supposed to spend today working on my creative content.
You know.
My Art, if you will.
My purpose for being, if you’ll allow.

I woke up with visions of letting my creativity run wild!
Of creating and crafting and being one with my muse!

Visualize sparkling content here.

Instead, I have spent the day typing, editing, researching, formatting … a website. A website I need, granted. A very valuable little home on the web for my creative content. But, of course, getting the techy aspects of it all caught up (as well as can be expected; for the love of all things green and good, I am not a professional) means that now I’m behind on my output.

And I have work-work tomorrow. And a raging headache right now.

But, okay. At least that’s one thing done for now, right? I can wake up tomorrow and squeeze in some creation time before RL kicks in.

This must be love. Nothing else could motivate someone to make these kinds of sacrifices but love. ❤

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