Daily 14

I made it! I have a raging headache but I am here! About to make myself some tea and knock out for the night, of course. I’ll be sharing a bit of a rant over In the Heart of the Hustle but, just so you know, today was a long one.

Do any of you ever miss having a day off? Like, a for real day off …

Just going outside and getting some fresh air. Binge reading/watching something new. Picking a hobby to spend some time on. Taking extra long naps, just because you can.

That is not what my days off look like.

I do love what I’m doing. Well, I’m loving the creating part of what I’m doing. But the technical stuff! The putting-it-out-into-the-world stuff!

I guess I have to learn to love that part, too. If I want to be successful at it, that is …

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