Daily 10

I’ve posted a few times today but not my daily blurnal entry so here it is. <ta da> I had an okay day. I had some work-work cancellations for which I was honestly grateful because yesterday was exhausting. I managed to get a lot of errands done. I’m refusing to look at the stack of paperwork I need to get through by Monday afternoon until … let’s be honest … Sunday night.

Don’t judge me! (Or, actually, go ahead.) I work weekends because my work-work is my business-business. My primary business. As opposed to my secondary side business/passion that’s eating up all my free time. As opposed to this blog that’s my outlet for all the general 🗯Ahhhhh!🗯 I’m experiencing as I try to get career 2 off the ground while career 1 is still so needy but which nevertheless is eating up the tiny morsels of time I used to have left to lie in bed and pretend I wasn’t having an existential crisis.


Happy Friday, y’all. 😬

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