The Grind Goes On and On and On …

I managed to get some of my most pressing tasks for my side hustle accomplished today. It was my day off from work-work but there’s never a day off for the entrepreneur, right?

An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it

~Roy Ash

Ahem. She. 😉

Things I learned today:

  • I have a decent working knowledge of self-hosted WordPress at it’s most basic level
  • I have no understanding of Google Analytics and GDPR and legal pages, etc.
    • My understanding is so poor for those things that the help pages are not helpful
    • The best plugins for that kind of content are *cough* expensive for a freelancer
  • I can summon my creative output at will and churn out something I’m proud of if I’m on a deadline and have no other choice
    • I hate deadlines and the lack of choices
  • My work-work and side hustle demands are taking precedence over my home maintenance
  • I will not survive this if I don’t make time to exercise and sleep enough

I know I’ll figure things out as time goes on so long as I keep plugging away at this.


and grinding…

and grinding….

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