Daily 7

I made it! Just barely but I’m here. It’s been a long day but overall fairly decent. I had to work-work then side hustle work and I’m still at it …

However, I did manage to get some exercise in today. Drank plenty of water. Did not completely neglect myself or my loved ones.

It’s easy to feel guilty when you’re pouring so much of yourself into maintaining one career while trying to get a second one off the ground. Everywhere you turn, there’s someone or something that needs you and your attention. If you’ve been used to putting others first, it really messes with your head and your heart to start taking care of your needs.

But, as long as no one dies, I think I’ll be okay.

Did I just tempt The Fates?

And, most importantly, I really believe I can do this. It’s just a matter of managing my time and energy. Pfft. What’s so tough about that?

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