Daily 3

Well, look at me! I made it here before I was borderline passing out!
Look around.
Do you see this?

empty space

This is what progress looks like.

I managed to work-work and then spent the rest of the day trying to work on my website(s). I have to migrate one of them to my new host but my new host was upgrading my plan and then there was an error so I couldn’t log into my cpanel and then I had redirect the traffic …

Yes. I have a headache. Worse than the one crawling up your neck from reading that run-on sentence. But today has felt like a run-on day.

I almost tweeted my rage over the drivers in this city
but I managed to restrain myself.

I need cookies. Okay, nobody needs cookies. But I want cookies. To just sit here and write and not have to worry about, you know. Life.

Still. It’ll be worth it, right? All the hard work now will pay off eventually. I’d prefer it be in this life but maybe in the next one?

And don’t worry. I have more to offer than my blurnal. I’m getting some pages ready. I wanted to have one ready by tonight but, apparently, I have a very unrealistic understanding of time.

When am I?

Alright, thank you for keeping me accountable! I love it as much as I hate it. ❤

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