Daily 1

So. My photography dreams have been put on hold. Between the pandemic, the election, and the insurrection brouhaha, I haven’t had the oomph necessary to get out and about town and practice. Also, my camera actually is quite old and the course I purchased on Udemy, while great, is designed for use with a camera that has a monitor screen.

However, I also have had a lot going on. You know. Work. Loved ones. Work. Side hustle. Work. Hobbies. Work. Fitness.
Well, to be honest, it’s been more … worry about work. How to get more work. When will there be work? Don’t look at the stack of mail because there may be bills in there and where’s the work…

Regardless, I’ve decided to use this site as a bit of a journal. A blog journal. A blournal?
Nope. Don’t like blournal.

But, I am forcing myself to post here daily (see my clever and informative title) about whatever I’m doing. Don’t get excited. I’m not telling you who I am yet. I’m not telling you my day job, either. Heaven forbid!

But I will—eventually—let you all in on the secret of my side hustle self. In the meantime, I may post here about my struggles/progress with work and hustling, gripe about my aches and pains, draw tears with my mental health anguishing, bore you with health and fitness stuff, let you sneak a peek at some of the hobbies I’m trying to establish, and opine on books, music, shows, movies, etc.

Blurnal? I think I’m going with blurnal.

For now, these posts will be in their own category. At some point I’ll probably figure out how to set up an archive for my Blurnal posts. (Are they the same thing?) You know. Because there’s such an aching need in the world for this kind of content.

If you’re here already, thank you for the visit! Hope it’s a journey we can all enjoy ❤

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