What is this?

This thing, this whole set up, was already here.

I don’t even know where this goes. I’m just filling in text in boxes that had text that I didn’t put there.

Why did I do this?

  • Mostly, I want to see where this ends up when I hit update.
  • To have a laugh because I definitely need more of those these days.

I’m supposed to give you all ideas about what this blog is going to cover so watch me brainstorm in real time.

Things I may cover:

  • Interesting places
  • Mami and papi eateries
  • What I’m listening to
  • What I’m watching
  • What I’m reading. Yes. I read. You uncultured swine.
  • Updates about whatever hobby I’m trying to get better at. Maybe.
  • Updates about how I’m feeling because ahhhhhhhh living!

Oh, lort. I hope this doesn’t become some kind of open journal thing. Probably it will.

But I promise you this: I will not be telling anyone everything here. I’ll just be telling everyone some things.

Oh, yeah. I’m supposed to add tags. Well, I do love me some Hercules so meh.

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